Saturday Small Boat Sailing

John W. sailing a Hansa 2.3 single. Photo courtesy of Jeff B.

John W. sailing a Hansa 2.3 single. Photo courtesy of Jeff B.

Every Saturday all year around, you can find BAADS sailing its brightly colored Hansa Boats in and around McCovey Cove close to AT & T Park, San Francisco. BAADS owns a large fleet of accessible Hansa dinghies. All of our boats are outfitted with a weighted centerboard ensuring boat stability.


If you would like to go sailing on Saturday please sign up no later than Thursday at 3pm. If you have trouble with our online sign-up-system, please send an email to Since we are often overbooked, we ask you to notify us if you have signed up, but need to cancel. If you are coming out sailing for the first time, please indicate so in the ‘comment’ section when signing up. We will try to reach out to you before you come sailing to find out about your needs.



Kathi P. sailing a Hansa Liberty. Photo courtesy of Madkat.

Our fleet includes Hansa 303s (double-seater), Hansa 2.3 (single & double) and Hansa Liberties (single). People with relatively good upper arm strength and no special seating requirements can readily use our ‘manual’ boats (2.3, 303, Liberty). For people with limited upper body strength we use customized set-ups with an electronic joystick to control the helm and/or the sheets (Servo Liberty).


If a race committee is available we have a race day on the second Saturday or the month. We also offer free instruction for beginner sailors on select Saturdays.



The Small boat Program is dependent on good volunteer support since boat (dis)assembly, (un)loading and safety support require many helpers. Often boats are prepared on Friday in addition to other maintenance tasks.


The Small Boat dock is right behind the Java House in South Beach Harbor. You can see our colorful boats from the parking lot in front of Pier40. See location for more information.


For more relevant information (like rigging videos, boat manuals, checklists), please consult our online resource site.