Go Sailing

BAADS sails every weekend year-round, weather permitting.

We have four programs, three of which offer weekly sailing outings:


For group outings, please contact info@baads.org.

Visiting South Beach Yacht Club after sailing

South Beach Yacht Club (SBYC) graciously hosts the Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors (BAADS) and allows BAADS members access to SBYC’s private club. Please read SBYC’s guest policy. In an effort to assist SBYC’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations governing SBYC’s facility, BAADS takes responsibility of ensuring that only properly-badged BAADS members and guests visit SBYC.

When BAADS members are present at SBYC, with or without guests, one BAADS member shall serve as a Deck Captain. The Deck Captain will introduce him or herself to the OODs and make sure every BAADS member or guest follows the following rules:

1) Everyone at SBYC, whether drinking or not, must be either a BAADS member or a guest of a BAADS member.

2) Every BAADS member at the club must display a current plastic BAADS membership card.

3) Every guest at the club must have a temporary sticker stating one’s first and last name and the first and last name of the member whose guest he /she is.

4) A BAADS member who is unable to display a current plastic BAADS membership card is considered a guest while at the SBYC.

5) The member is responsible for the conduct of his/her guest and should not leave his/her guests alone. The guests must leave the SBYC with his/her host.

Service Animals

BAADS welcomes service animals. Please let us know if you intend to bring your service animal with you. Such animals shall be outfitted with special life vests and secured properly to the vessel. To avoid unsafe conditions for crew and pets, as well as allergies, fears or uncomfortable levels of stress, the decision to allow a service animal on a particular vessel is the sole discretion of the Program Director, Dockmaster, or Skipper. Generally, sailors accompanied by service animals will not be assigned to smaller vessels. Service animals must remain on leash and under the control of their owner at all times.