Travel Directions to BAADS (Detailed for the Blind)

On Muni

Take any San Francisco MUNI bus, train or BART to the Embarcadero Station (it’s the last underground station, at Market Street and Embarcadero). Transfer to any inbound train to Mission Bay.  Continue, three stops to 2nd Street and King (the Giants Baseball Stadium).

Exit train onto elevated platform; turn left and walk down the ramp with railings on left and right side.  Feel your way down the right side railing until the end. Listen for any northbound MUNI trains leaving the station, then turn right. Cross train tracks (about 5 feet) and feel for the traffic light pole on right side. There will be a crossing button at arms height, which beeps when pushed. When audible signal clatters, walk across three lanes of Embarcadero Street.

On the opposite sidewalk, turn left. In about 50 feet, you will pass by another tone signal for crossing the other side of Embarcadero and 2nd street. (When returning to MUNI, listen for tone signal for second crossing to MUNI station. The push button will be on the right side of the traffic pole). Continuing to South Beach Yacht Club, walk parallel to Embarcadero Street. Cross the driveway to the yacht club.

Continue walking another one hundred steps with grass on right side. Feel for 90-degree right turn (light pole at ground level at right). Follow sidewalk about twenty steps. Turn left forty five degrees, then walk approximately seventy five steps past children’s playground with fence on your left, parking lot on right. Continue ten steps past the playground fence and feel for the northwest corner of the Harbor Services Building on your right.

For Yacht Club

To go to the Yacht Club, continue 20 steps to your right along side of the building. You will feel large handles of  double doors. Continue inside. About 10 steps forward, just past the vending machines on left, is the entrance to the community room. Just inside to the right of the outside doors are two flights of stairs leading to the 2nd floor. The elevator is just past the stairs on right. At the top of the stairs about 12 feet to the right are doors to South Beach Yacht Club. To the left is the Harbor Master’s Office, and straight ahead of stairs are bathrooms: men’s on left, women’s on right.

For Sailing

If meeting for Saturday’s or Sunday’s sailing, instead of turning right at corner of Harbor Services Building, continue walking straight forward about 75 steps until you come to the railing along the waterfront. Turn left; walk about two hundred steps along the railing until you come to the Java House outside tables and chairs  (you will notice the wonderful smell of fresh coffee). Ask for BAADS members who are always hanging out here before sailing.

On Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

If traveling from the south or East Bay by BART, transfer to the Embarcadero underground MUNI Station and follow directions for MUNI.

On Caltrain

If traveling from South Bay on Caltrain, disembark at San Francisco Station. Ask for directions across the station’s plaza to the intersection of King and 4th Streets. Using audible signal (there are a lot of competing bells and whistles coming from trains), cross King Street two lanes and southbound MUNI track.

On weekdays, turn right walk up the ramp to platform, then take the N-Judah train on your left one stop to Giants Stadium at King and 2nd Streets.

On weekends the N-Judah does not run. Continue across northbound MUNI track and cross King Street three lanes. Turn left; using audible signal, cross two lanes of 4th Street. Turn right and walk up the ramp to the platform, then take the T train on your left one stop to Giants Stadium at King and 2nd Street.

You could also walk the two blocks from Fourth and King to Second and King. Follow directions for MUNI.

By Air

If arriving by plane from San Francisco International Airport, take airport Skytrain to BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and follow directions for BART.

By Car

If arriving by car Pier 40 is located at the corner of Embarcadero and Townsend Streets, near the Giants Baseball Stadium, which is miles in the opposite direction from Fisherman’s Wharf.  The Embarcadero piers are numbered even South of the Ferry Building at the foot of Markets Street and odd numbered Piers go North, such that Pier 40 is nowhere near Pier 39. There is parking at Pier 40. Handicapped parking is available, but at a premium. Ask your BAADS Skipper for a parking pass, which must be returned at the end of your sail.

Google Map of Area Around Pier 40