Monthly Member Meetings are Back!

BAADS is once again holding monthly member meetings. We want the meetings to be educational, collaborative and enjoyable and give the members an opportunity to get to know each other. We do not plan on rehashing what the Board of Directors just discussed but will be announcing upcoming activities. The meetings will be short (11:30 AM – 12:15 PM) and feature a guest speaker who will talk on a particular topic at each meeting. We also hope to have light refreshments. If you have ideas on potential guest speakers or group activities, please send them to

Chris Childress will speak at our upcoming February 18th meeting. Chris is a certified sailing instructor and USCG licenced captain, with 6 years of keeping boats out of trouble on San Francisco Bay. He will be speaking briefly on some updates to BAADS safety policies and local hazards associated with sailing on the San Francisco Bay. All skippers are highly encouraged to attend but everyone who sails with BAADS should be aware of our safety policy including how fill out an incident report. Chris will also explain how to determine windspeed while on the water as well as how to identify safety hazards around the bay. We hope to see everyone there!